Welcome to gone Molly!

The Mollies are SO happy to be playing live again with some very memorable gigs at Neurum Creek Festival and Brisbane Festival Street Serenades over September! Despite the constant will-we-won't-we lockdown here in South-East Queensland, plans are still a-cooking for another showcase before the end of the year, so stay tuned...

In the meantime, we have a smuggling song in the works. Here's a bit 'o fun, care of 'The History Girls: A Key to Smuggling Terminology':
Smugglers had euphemisms for themselves. They were not smugglers, they were Free Traders. Or else Gentlemen of the Night. (As opposed to Gentlemen of the Road who were highwaymen). Then there were specialised roles within smuggling. Wool smugglers were traditionally known as owlers. Flaskers specialised in smuggling liquor. The smugglers in charge of the beach and the land-based network were Landers and Tubmen. Terms for the customs and excise officers are even more varied, naturally. They were known as Preventers, Preventy men, Preventives, Philistines, Watersharks, Landsharks, Pickaroons, Gobloos, Gaugers, Shingle Pickers and even Bluebottles...


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