How it's Going...

Finalist - Qld Music Awards 2019 (World/Folk Category)
Celtic Group of the Year - Australian Celtic music awards 2019 
Artist of the Year - Australian Celtic music awards 2018 
Celtic Group of the Year - Australian Celtic music awards 2018 
Producer of the Year (w/Pix Vane Mason) - Australian Celtic music awards 2018

 “I do love their eponymous album… and from it this is a cracking song called ‘The Miner’s Way’.  Just cop your whack for this!” 
- Mike Harding (Mike Harding Folk Show UK)

Multi-award winning trio Gone Molly are truly unique storytellers. Breathing life into history through colourful characters and tales, ‘The Mollies’ whisper and roar through the grimy streets of London, over ghostly battlefields and down into the faerie dells of Celtic history. Delivered with theatrical energy and sing-along style, their live performances are an enthusiastic, uncontrived embrace. 

Songwriter Sally Harris writes from her Northern English heart, bringing together a love of history, mythology, traditional song, tunes and sessions.  Together with one of Australia’s most well known and respected folk musicians, Rebecca Wright, and multi-instrumentalist/rabble-rouser Lachlan Baldwin, these stories have been brought to life with exquisite cello lines, heart melting harmonies and a fistful of underdog growl. 

Gone Molly's self-titled debut album was released in December 2017. Receiving radio rotation in Australia, the UK, Canada and the US, songs The Miner's Way and Gravesend Pier in particular have become fast favourites across the folk scene. 2019 brought a song nomination for the QLD Music Awards and the release of their live studio EP Culloden, and then 2020... well, need we say more? 

Looking forward with hope, Gone Molly are back in the rehearsal studio and working up an expanded sound and musical direction for 2022.

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